Where moms find hope

It only takes one small drop of hope, to create a ripple. Find your hope today!

New and Expecting Parents

This is probably the hardest job you’ve ever signed up for. It’s okay if you’re struggling, no one could have prepared you for this. Individually or as a couple, I can help you learn how to improve your mood, regain your confidence, hone your parenting skills, and strengthen your relationships with each other and your baby. Read more about prenatal and postpartum counseling here.

Grief and Loss

No matter what type of child loss you’ve experienced, you are still a mom. A GOOD mom. While loss and infertility can cause you to feel broken, you are not broken. You’re experiencing grief. It is not a linear or predicable process, and I can’t change the past or predict the future. What I can do is create a space for you to share and process your grief without fear of judgement. I want to hear about your child(ren) and help you to find ways to honor them that are comfortable for you. Read more about infertility and child loss counseling here.

“Experienced” Parents

Let’s face it, what does “experienced” really mean anyway? I mean, do any of us really know what we’re doing? All of the time? Yes, I’m being a bit “tongue in cheek” here, humor is one of my favorite coping skills. Whether you have neurotypical or special needs children, or a mix of both, this parenting gig is HARD. I can help you find ways to make it. . . a bit less hard. For couples seeking premarital or pre-parental counseling, those who are new parents, or struggling with transitions can find out more here. Learn more about special needs parenting sessions here.

Holistic and Integrative Care

As a registered nurse and psychotherapist, I have the unique ability to integrate my knowledge and experience of both my medical and mental health backgrounds. This adds more depth and understanding of the interwoven complexities of mind and body to your treatment. Learn more about me here.