Partners are important too! I not only see moms in my practice but partners as well.  

How to be supportive of mom

  • Believe her, encourage her to talk openly and honestly about her feelings, listen without judgment.

  • Help out around the house as much as you can, enlist the help of others for meals and cleaning if able.

  • Schedule a babysitter and time alone together, even if it’s just to rest!

  • Don’t push intimacy right away, sex specifically. There are many ways to be intimate while mom’s body is healing. Mom’s often experience feeling “touched out”, especially if they are breastfeeding. Have ongoing communication about what works for the both of you. Simple affection and physical comfort may go along way for connecting with each other during the early stages of parenthood.

How to get support for yourself

  • Remember, your own mental health is important too, don’t ignore your own struggles

  • Practice self care - continue healthy behaviors as much as possible

  • Be honest with yourself and others

  • Reach out to other men or partners in your life, find support groups, and your own therapist

  • Check out more resources here