Individual sessions are generally a “clinical hour” which is 50 minutes of face-to-face time, and 10 minutes of time for documentation, note review, or completion of other administrative tasks on your behalf. Ideally when starting therapy, sessions are scheduled once a week in order to maintain progress, however frequency of sessions are always tailored to your own unique needs. There are nearly endless therapeutic techniques that can be utilized, it is important for me (and most beneficial for you) that you are honest in communicating what you find is working best for you and what is not so we can work efficiently together towards your goals. Therapy is not always a comfortable process. This is a sacred space where you will be able to share your most vulnerable thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to help gain insight and begin a process of healing. That can be very difficult and painful at times, I will be there beside you sitting or wading through the mud until we get to the other side.