A little about me . . .

I have a passion for helping moms and families. I’ve been in the healthcare field since I was a teenager. But what I really want you to know, is that I’ve been on the “couch” side of things as well. Following the birth of my first child, I struggled with my mental health and suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. I had troubles breastfeeding, struggled to reach out for support (or even admit that I needed help), and when I did reach out, it was hard to find. I don’t want that to be anyone else’s experience. Fast forward 10 years later and there are many more supports and resources out there, but there’s always room for more. Not only is this my profession, but I am also a volunteer ambassador for 2020 Mom advocating and spreading awareness for maternal mental health.


I also enjoy seeing clients who have chronic illness, and special needs children. Because yes, I have personal experience with those as well. I understand what it’s like to be a patient, to be passed from doctor to doctor, to be my own investigator and advocate. I can relate to what it feels like to sit in an IEP or 504 meeting, to dread attending crowded events, to feel judged, shamed, and the many other things that go along with both chronic illness and special needs parenting.


Another thing I really like to do, if you haven’t noticed already, is combat stigma. The simplest way I know how to do this is do be real and honest. You know, “walk the talk” as they say. I try to live very authentically even in my therapeutic relationships. I am human, after all. Connecting with others on this level, I believe, is one of the biggest factors in a clients success.


I am currently living in Colorado with my husband, two children, and our very old, long-haired calico cat. I greatly enjoy music; one of my favorite things to do is to attend concerts at Red Rocks. I also enjoy art, crafting, and advocating for causes that I am passionate about such as maternal and family mental health, special needs, and chronic illness.

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Lyndsy Chavarria RN, LPC