For individuals and loved ones dealing with the mental health struggles that come with chronic illness, terminal diagnosis, newly diagnosed medical issues, allergy related concerns, or other complex medical conditions.

While this is still strictly psychotherapy and I don’t treat any medical issues, as a registered nurse, I have medical background and knowledge that makes communicating your medical concerns easier. I have familiarity with the mental, physical, social, spiritual, and psychological aspects that accompany these situations. I have spent years working with hospice patients, cared for ill family members, and I have worked in various inpatient and outpatient settings with clients with chronic conditions, pain, or other medical diagnoses. I also have a bit of personal understanding of living with chronic illness, having acute and severe medical conditions, and facing our own mortality. I get the anxieties and fears you may be facing, the concerns over which medical procedures and treatments to choose, and the overwhelm of it all. I can acknowledge the tremendous difficulties of what you’re experiencing, AND help you find value and meaning in the midst of pain and darkness.