For couples seeking premarital counseling, pre-parental counseling, those who are new parents/families, or struggling with transitions.

Couples sessions are generally 50-75 minutes long, ideally when initiating therapy sessions are attended once a week in order to maintain progress (unless you are also doing individual work as well), however frequency and treatment goals are always tailored to your unique needs as a couple. Topics to address during treatment may include “hot button” items such as money, sex, parenting, gender roles, labor division, communication, and respect. These may also be perinatal specific sessions, so we may be tackling some really difficult topics like how the relationship has been impacted by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, infertility, first time parenting, or other transition changes such as an unexpected pregnancy or a child with special needs. Whatever your concerns are, there are steps we can take to improve (notice I did not say “fix”) your relationship with your partner. A relationship is not broken because it has challenges and difficulties, nor does that mean one of the individuals is broken. We all bring our unique life experiences and belief systems into a relationship and sometimes they don’t mesh well. That’s ok! It is still possible to have a meaningful and loving relationship despite your differences.

Benefits of couples counseling may include:

  • Improved communication skills

  • Improved intimacy and connection (not JUST sex!)

  • Mutual respect and healthy perspectives

  • Putting and end to blame

  • Working together to solve problems, rather than against each other