For individuals, couples, or caregivers of children with special needs.

I understand first hand the challenges of raising a special needs child. The struggle to get needed services, the medical bills and financial strain, relationship stress, unsolicited advice, guilt and shame, school problems, IEP’s and 504’s, the acronyms go on and on don’t they? This all takes a toll on your mental health, I know. “I know”, is not something I often say to a client (if ever) because it is most often not true. I’m not saying I know exactly what you’re going through, of course I cannot completely understand and put myself in your shoes. What I do know about is the pressure you feel to care for your child(ren), the guilt you feel when your typically developing child is getting the short end of the stick, the constant fears and worrying, the sleepless nights, and the judgment you feel. I KNOW you love your child(ren), and it’s also damn hard. It can all feel so overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to consume you. You’re not alone. Find help and support here.